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Roy Masters, 1960s

Internationally renowned stress expert Roy Masters hosts the longest-running counseling program in the history of talk radio.

As a counselor, lecturer, media personality and author of 18 books, Masters has helped millions of people over the last five decades and, in the process, developed an unparalleled understanding of human behavior.

He has rediscovered nothing less than the quintessential key to helping people overcome the ravages of stress and emotional trauma, freeing them to become the person they were born to be.

Cure Stress helps relieve tension caused by daily pressures and stress.

Most of us are aware that "something is wrong" with the unreasonable way people behave toward each other. We see so many of those around us confused, cruel and unfair.

Affected emotionally by it, we too feel sick, unhappy, upset—and in turn begin to take it out on those we "love."

Fortunately, there is a way to be happy in spite of all the negative daily pressures. This is accomplished simply by learning how not to emotionally overreact to them.

As long as you can be disturbed by outer stresses, your full potential as a human being cannot be realized. But if you can observe that you are pressured away from reasonable action by your emotional responses, you will also long for the knowledge that will enable you to face life's problems fairly and squarely without being unduly upset by them.

Many of us are painfully aware of the gap that exists between what we know is sensible and what we finally end up saying and doing.

Cure Stress is a method of redirecting the mind's attention from its preoccupation with fear, worry and problem-solving—perfected over many years—which can help us bridge this inner gap and become whole.

With this method, users learn to become objective, detached and disentangled from all their troublesome thoughts, emotions, heartaches, fears and traumatic memories. They discover how to let go of the poisonous accumulation of past emotional impacts, and to discontinue the daily need to suppress emotional upsets that confuse our thinking and slowly cripple creativity, self-expression and health.

Quickly, we begin to live with self-assurance and to bring forth the good that is being liberated in us. Just through discovering how not to be disturbed by the cruelty and confusion of others, we are effortlessly affecting them in a positive way.

This simple knowledge of Cure Stress can assist you in overcoming your procrastination, over-excitement, nervous tension and other problems—and bring you back from confusion and conflict to health, happiness and success—without all the painful striving and anxiety.

It is the perfect antidote to all our emotion-based problems—from fear, inferiority, guilt feelings and anger to serious relationship and marital conflicts.

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