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Antidote by FHU
Antidote by FHU

Antidote by FHU

• Five mindfulness exercises that really work
• Endorsed and used by professionals across the USA
• Simple operation and effortless results
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Since 1960, hundreds of thousands have discovered unparalleled relief from stress and struggle using Roy Masters' audio. Physicians, psychiatrists, and even the United States military have endorsed the effectiveness of these audio exercises.

Portable and private, the Antidote by FHU works with earphones and fits easily in your shirt pocket, allowing you to take four powerful exercises with you anywhere—discreetly and conveniently. Try it and share it. Great for any age.

Cure Stress is portable and available at the press of a button. The Device comes packaged with earphones and a built-in, rechargeable battery, and it easily fits in a shirt pocket. It's easy to use—discreetly and conveniently—without requiring a CD or computer.

Ready to Use

Comes with five special exercises: Antidote For All, Be Still & Know, Overcome Stress, Overcome Fear, and Overcome Pain. In the box are earphones, charging cable, and power plug adapter.

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Audio Time
Antidote For All (1 track) 8:00
Be Still & Know (3 tracks) 59:98
Overcome Stress (2 tracks) 31:67
Overcome Fear (2 tracks) 40:26
Overcome Pain (2 tracks) 33:07
It is recommend you first practice using "Be Still & Know" before beginning the Overcome Stress, Fear and Pain exercises.
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Antidote by FHU Reviews
Rating I didn't like the person I was becoming, so I knew I had to do something...
I hate spending money on non-necessities (food, clothing, housing, etc) BUT this was the best thing I've ever done, was to purchase 'The Antidote' it is priceless and there really are no words to explain how amazing and eye opening this is. If you have always wondered 'why is this happening?' Or 'why do I feel this way?' This will help you to understand. And my I also HIGHLY RECOMMEND the book 'Surviving the Comfort Zone' OMG Life Changing!!!! For me anyways, I quit drinking, I was on a claim and direct path, but somewhere I got off track (didn't go back to drinking but noticed I was very unhappy and was yelling a lot) so I re-read the book and bought 'The Antidote' now I'm waking up everyday as if it was the first day, a new day to start a new, if you will. God Bless and I wish you well in your journey.
Reviewed by: from on 3/18/2016
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