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Cure Stress Book
Cure Stress Book

Cure Stress Book


For nearly four decades "Cure Stress: How Your Mind Will Make You Well" by Roy Masters has stood as a timeless masterpiece of insights and wisdom.

Along with the Cure Stress Device, you will discover a simple but powerful technique for remaining sane and poised, even under the most difficult and stressful situations.

By returning to the center of dignity and understanding, you will discover the key to overcoming stress and the root causes of mental, emotional and physical illness.

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Beyond Socrates, beyond Freud, Roy Masters brings you face to face with the reality of your own being. Will you dare to see the truth?

Engaging, revolutionary, and humorous, this book, like no other, can lead you to see your own deepest secrets. What was baffling will become clear. What created pain will provide joy. Roy Masters is a living spiritual giant whose words reawaken you to the truth contained in the depths of your own being.

Teresa Bahder, M.A. Clinical Psychologist, Princeton, NJ

Today, precious few see the miracle of the availability of clear, unambiguous answers to life's major questions; answers hidden from human access for a millennia or more. I have found no other who speaks, as Roy Masters does, to the growing pain trapped in the breast of every soul, crying in hundreds of languages, forms and expressions. "Who am I and why was I born? Is there really a God and order to this chaos? What about the horror that has become my life? Why am I so confused, afraid?"

Emanuel McLittle, M.A. Counseling Psychologist

Cure Stress: How Your Mind Will Make You Well

By: Roy Masters (292 pages)


    1     Be Still & Know
    2     Understanding the Process of Meditation
    3     Emotional Response
    4     Meditation as Power for Good
    5     Why We Are Afraid
    6     Meditation as the Way to Courage
    7     The Power of Love
    8     Self-Reliance
    9     Regeneration

Part 2 Healing at the Cause
    10    Can Guided Imagery Cure Disease?
    11    Confronting the Enemy
    12    Waking Up on the Inside
    13    Life Force Origin
    14    Reclaiming Your Immune System
    15    The Secret Cause of Cancer

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ISBN-10: 1481221043

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Cure Stress Book Reviews
Rating Your powerful mind
Your mind can make you well: much of our illnesses are caused by our attitudes. Even doctors will tell you over 90% of illness is stressed caused. This book, if the exercise is faithfully followed, helps the "patient" become more patient, kinder, more objective towards life experiences. This helps calm and destress. Definitely a book worth buying: with action taken you can bypass all this health insurance chaos by allowing gratitude for life and peacefulness make you well without medicine or intrusive procedures.
Reviewed by: from U.S.A. on 4/16/2012
Rating Salvation
If you are to read one more book in your lifetime, this is it! If your soul has been searching for a real solution to your problems then this is where the solution begins. This book provides the key to a better life, based on understanding of the Truth. The Truth is within us yet we do not REALIZE IT, or sometimes we see the truth but we cannot live under its guidance. We are trapped doing the things we 'know' are not right and as a result our lives are filled with all sorts of problems. We need to find the way to a place where we can realize the Truth and live by it! This book is a guide to the place in our minds where we can realize the Truth and live by it and henceforth, watch our troubles fall away, find relief from our bondage with what we 'knew' was wrong and experience how our Minds can make us well!
Reviewed by: from None provided on 2/3/2012
Rating Life changing book
This book will change your life for the better, don't take my word for it just read it for your self. I promise you will end up purchasing more books for your families and friends. I love this book.
Reviewed by: from None provided on 12/7/2011
Rating amazing insights early on
I just started reading this book on KINDLE after 'discovering ' Roy Masters via a youtube link.Must say I am impressed so far at his ability to clarify, and explain principles of human nature that no one else ever has.And that this man has been helping people for 52 years boggles the mind- that he is not on Tv , but then that figures in this world. I am looking forward to the rest of the book, now I wish I had bought the actual book .
Reviewed by: from Planet Earth on 11/20/2011
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