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Cure Stress Device
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Cure Stress Device

• Mindfulness exercises that really work

• Endorsed and used by professionals across the USA

• Simple operation and effortless results
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Since 1960, hundreds of thousands have discovered unparalleled relief from stress and struggle using Cure Stress. Physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, and even the United States military have endorsed the effectiveness of these audio exercises.

Portable and private, the Cure Stress Device works with earphones and fits easily in your shirt pocket, allowing you to take four powerful exercises with you anywhere—discreetly and conveniently. Try it and share it. Great for any age.

Cure Stress is portable and available at the press of a button. The Device comes packaged with earphones and a built-in, rechargeable battery, and it easily fits in a shirt pocket. It's easy to use—discreetly and conveniently—without requiring a CD or computer.

Ready to Use

Comes with four special exercises: Be Still & Know, Overcome Stress, Overcome Fear, and Overcome Pain. In the box are earphones, charging cable, and power plug adapter.

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Audio Time
Be Still & Know (3 tracks) 59:98
Overcome Stress (2 tracks) 31:67
Overcome Fear (2 tracks) 40:26
Overcome Pain (2 tracks) 33:07
It is recommend you first practice using "Be Still & Know" before beginning the Overcome Stress, Fear and Pain exercises.
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Cure Stress Device Reviews
Rating THE only cure for stress
I have been a practitioner of Roy's meditation for quite some time so when I purchased the Cure Stress Device I was expecting just a more convenient method to support my daily practice. I was wrong. The themes and content are right on. I like the ability to "dial in" on a topic that needs attention Stress/Pain/Fear, etc. For anyone who hasn''t experience the healing philosophies of Roy Masters, you are in for a treat! Within 6 weeks of beginning my meditation I no longer required medications that I was told I needed for the rest of my life. My children, friends and family began to comment on the subtle changes in my demeanor and outlook on life. I could feel the "problems" in my life starting to melt away and the stress level decrease drastically. I am renewed with a spirit and quality of life that is unexplainable. The same "stressors" show up every day for me just like everyone. But now I am one of those people who say "thank you" to the stress. Thank you for the opportunity to face life''s challenges in the right way, every single day, every single time.
Reviewed by: from on 8/13/2013
Rating Buyer, Become Aware
I own two Cure Stress Devices. I began to use one of them shortly after their arrival, and my teenage son asked me for the other one a few days later. What does "BEWARE" mean? It can either mean "BE AWARE" or "BECOME AWARE." But are you as aware as you could be? I have noticed this about myself for years: that I have usually been more aware than most, often able to help others as well. I became aware, some time back, of Roy Masters -- his radio program (Advice Line), his books and audio cassettes (now CD''s and downloads). The Cure Stress Device seems to have been designed just for me, because other materials can easily yield to what I will call my "procrastination threshold." But the Cure Stress Device is so convenient, easy to just grab and start listening, that it is next to impossible to procrastinate over it. And, as aware as I''ve always been, listening regularly has helped me to become even more aware, able to be more calm -- less easily rattled. One "side effect" has been that I was soon able to start putting aside my trifocals and begin to see normally again. My son hasn''t talked to me about the Cure Stress Device he is using. He doesn''t need to. He has always been very aware. Yet even he has demonstrated obvious improvements since he started using his Cure Stress Device.
Reviewed by: from on 7/13/2013
Rating Don't Wait
If you are here, you already know something is wrong just add this to your cart and check out.
Reviewed by: from Tampa FL on 5/23/2013
Rating Mahalo Roy Masters
Thanks, the sound of Roy Masters' voice and the material he covers in the audios help me to survive each and every day. I wish all distressed people would give this a chance and I am confident it will help them as it does me. I returned from Afghanistan deployment to many family problems and was overwhelmed. This helped me beyond words. Thanks again.
Reviewed by: from Hawaii USA on 4/22/2013
Rating Thanks
In my years as an outside salesman, I had the pleasure of happening upon the Cure Stress radio program most days, some time ago. I listened carefully, and learned a great deal about turning off the efforts by others to bring me down to their level. Roy Masters gave me the greatest gift of teaching to me "BE STILL, and remain in my objective observational state." You gave me the keys to free myself from my suicidal depressions that plagued me for years. I found myself helping others with similar problems. I have recommended you to many, and I give credit where credit is due.
Reviewed by: from on 1/28/2013
Rating Wife of deployed American Warrior
I have been listening to your [exercises] for five days now and it is completely changing me... I have been struggling for so long... I feel so liberated... I'm not resentful towards my husband for leaving again (Returning to Iraq).
Reviewed by: from USA on 12/5/2012
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