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What People Are Saying About "Cure Stress"
The “Be Still and Know” exercise has been used with great success by millions of Americans. It is widely relied on by soldiers throughout the United States Armed Forces, either in the form of an Internet download or a compact disc titled “Coping Strategies,” distributed to the military by the nonprofit group “Patriot Outreach.”

The same “Be Still and Know” exercise is also available to the general public as a CD or Internet download – and is now also available on a popular, dedicated audio player called “The Cure Stress Device.”

Regardless of the delivery system – compact disc, download or Cure Stress Device – “Be Still and Know” has proven to be phenomenally effective over the past six decades. Here is what some notable people are saying about it:

"In medical school we're taught to treat symptoms. Cure Stress has the capacity to resolve the root of the symptom for those who are ready."

Richard Tytus MD, BscPhm, CCFP, FCFP, McMaster University

"Right on target! Roy Masters revitalizes ageless wisdom. For many, one hour with Roy Masters will be more beneficial than years of traditional insight psychotherapy."

Clancy D. McKenzie, M.D., Director of the Philadelphia Psychiatric Consultation Service, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"It dawned on me that the ‘Be Still and Know’ exercise that had helped me immensely in overcoming extreme adversities years before could be a useful tool for soldiers with PTSD."

U.S. Army Col. Antonio Monaco, founder and president of Patriot Outreach

"I have given your disc to many veterans who find great benefit – I believe it is one of the best discs in production.”

LJ R, BSW, MSW, Government combat trauma therapist

"I heard about this CD from my psychologist who has been treating me for PTSD."

Airman Second Class T.C.

"Thank you so much for your efforts and your generosity. I wish that my wife and I had this the first time that I deployed. We have both struggled with stress. God Bless you!"

1LT P. H., U.S. Army

"Roy Masters reveals with penetrating insight that, unbeknownst to most of us, we are tethered to our thoughts in a destructive, hypnotic way which forms the basis of our emotional and mental problems."

Ron Carlson, Ph.D., clinical psychologist

"Today’s world, wallowing in corruption and guilt, is crying out for the honesty and courage and insightful understanding of Roy Masters."

Veteran screen actress Eleanor Parker

"I am a combat trauma therapist. I have given your disc to many veterans who find great benefit. … I will take as many discs as you can send – they will be used!!! Thank You!"

Anonymous Combat Trauma Therapist

"[Roy Masters] represents to psychology what jet travel represents to the horse and buggy."

Paul Bahder, M.D., Princeton, New Jersey

"I've been listening to your CD for about five days now and it is completely changing me ... I have been struggling for so long ... I feel so liberated ... I'm not resentful for my husband for returning to Iraq."

Janine, wife of deployed warrior

"[Roy Masters] describes for us a meditation exercise which contains in its practice the seed to freeing us from our bondage and slavery to compulsive thoughts and emotions.

As a psychologist of 30 years, I can assure the readers who approach Roy's books that they will find the key to the personal problems they confront. I have observed time and again the efficacy of Roy's teachings and practices in people of varying emotional maladies. "

Dr. Ron Carlson, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

"In my own experience as a commander who mobilized and returned thousands of wartime veterans, I have seen soldiers make rapid improvement through use of these CDs. … I reached the conclusion that I didn’t give a damn if I could prove it worked medically, because I know it works. Besides, it’s so much better than what most of the soldiers are now getting – which is nothing."

Maj. Gen. George R. Harris, U.S. Army (ret.), assigned to the Office of the Secretary of the Army

"The ‘Be Still and Know’ exercise works for me. It calms my soul, enhances my thinking, and improves my emotional regulation. I am thankful to be a more resilient chaplain"

U.S. Army Lt. Col. Phillip L. Pringle, Chaplain, Southern Baptist

"I have rendered a positive opinion [about ‘Coping Strategies’] to the Surgeon General."

Col. John Bradley, M.D., longtime chief of psychiatry at Walter Reed Army Medical Center

"I commend Patriot Outreach for your tireless efforts to bring help and healing to our veterans. Your work is invaluable. It is essential for the health of our national soul."

U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum, 2012 GOP presidential candidate

"When I returned from Afghanistan last year to a divorce your CD is what helped me through it, there are soldiers in my unit that need to learn better coping skills.” "

SSG K.M., Infantry, message to Patriot Outreach in requesting additional CDs

"Just like to thank Dr. Tytus for his care in helping not only heal me physically but also helping fix my mind. His recommendation on listening to the meditation techniques through Patriot Outreach helped reduce the day-to-day stress and the way I interact with people and customers at my work. With the help of meditation I am now a much more confident, stress-free person. Thank you, Dr. Tytus."

Thomas McLean

"Thank you, It saved my Life! The peace and joy I now enjoy makes life worthwhile!"

SGT J. Shiposki, U.S. Marine Corps (Homebound Quadriplegic)

"'Be Still & Know' was developed by Roy Masters, who at 85 is the patriarch of stress experts, having taught this method since 1960 to millions, his fans including everyone from movie star John Wayne to Internet journalist Matt Drudge."

David Kupelian, author and journalist, WND.com

"Many have used the Exercise, ‘Be Still and Know’, to break the endless loop of thought with success. It’s private, confidential, simple and non-intrusive."

Col. Kathy Platoni, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist who served in the Gulf War, commanded a combat stress control detachment at Joint Task Force, Guantanamo Bay, and an Iraqi combat tour

"After almost a month, my life began to change. I started to talk to my husband in a different manner - patiently and without anger. And, miraculously, our conversations became human and intelligent. Our relationship is healing. A month ago I gave a copy of your CD to my son. Now he is saying that it is helping him tremendously in dealing with people and life's problems."

Laura T.

"I learned a great deal about turning off the efforts by others to bring me down to their level. I received the greatest gift of learning to be still and remain in my objective observational state. You gave me the keys to free myself from my suicidal depressions that plagued me for years. I found myself helping others with similar problems."

Robert Mackay, Robert Mackay Writer

"This is basic training for the mind!"

Iraq Warrior, PFC J. Oehring, U.S. Army Infantry deployed to Iraq

"It energizes me, it enlightens me and it gives me strength ... I am ready and proud."

Mike, U.S. Marine Corps, deployed to Iraq

"Amazingly, it (the “Be Still & Know” exercise) keeps showing and reaping benefits. I've never been more patient and alive. The secret is in the watchful observance without struggle."

L. Brown, U.S. Navy, Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnam

"I must say, on the basis of 20 years’ experience, that the application of this technique has made a significant contribution to the treatment of the great majority of those people who have learned it. … It’s the only approach that I have ever seen in the whole field of psychology which allows you to become independent, competent and effective."

George M. Hayter, M.D., former Navy psychiatrist and current chief of psychiatry at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Orange, Calif.

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